Medical Negligence Cases

Do you need a qualified nurse to serve as a testifying expert?

Do you know how an analysis and written report can help you understand all aspects of your case?

Are you spending money on expensive experts to determine negligence?

Do you and your experts need an organized timeline for litigation?

Do you hate writing deposition questions?

At Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting, we have experienced nurses to serve as either consultant or testifying experts. We are able to match your case to the nurse’s experience, so you are ensured the best fit for your case.


Our Medical Negligence services include:

  • Testifying expert work (as in nursing standards of care);
  • Written reports or timelines (that focus on causation and case weaknesses);
  • Deposition questions (we provide what the expert’s answer should be as compared to the expert’s evasive response);
  • Obtain Standards of Care;
  • Locate and vet Testifying Experts;
  • Develop Medical Cost Projections and Reasonableness of Charges.
Medical Negligence

Let's Work Together

At Integrity Legal Nurse Consulting, we believe that medical records tell a story. No matter if the case is civil or criminal, our nurses read and analyze medical records to determine the good, the bad and the ugly. Our nurses are specialists in their field, matching our experience to your case theme, which ensures the best fit for your cases.